Ferrari museums attract more and more visitors

David Hlaváček
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During 2018 nearly 540,000 fans visited Ferrari museums. In 2018 more than 370,000 visitors came to Maranello’s main Ferrari Museum alone, confirming the growing interest in the history of this successful brand that celebrated its 70thanniversary. The museum organised two exhibitions during 2018, which are still open: “Driven by Enzo” is a collection of Enza Ferrari’s favorite cars, while “Passion and Legend” shows Ferrari a tribute to its founder’s extraordinary story. From January 3rdto March 31st2019 you can also see the new exhibition “Michael 50”, which was created in honor of Michael Schumacher’s 50thbirthday.

The second museum, Enzo Ferrari in Modena, welcomed over 175,000 visitors in 2018, an increase of 11% compared to 2017. This is mainly thanks to the exhibition “Il Rosso & Il Rosa “, which intercepted women’s relationship with Ferrari cars. One could see cars of legendary celebrities and of the gentler sex.

These results confirm that, in Italy, Ferrari Museums are very popular visitor centers. Their new and fascinating topical exhibitions attract more and more fans from all over the world every year.

Are you also going to visit this year?