About us

We were discussing it for a long time. Planning, calculating, infecting one another with zest or chasing off fears. We all knew it had become inevitable. The project that we, up until now, had only been dreaming of, spending hours talking about, has started becoming real. We have crystalised our vision and now are offering the same to you. We all are a part of a project that has something to offer to everybody. We all are Heritage Motors.

The goal of the project has been clear from the very beginning: to present the automobile (and motorcycle) icons of their times to their fans and enthusiasts. To people who appreciate mastery, people who see vehicles as more than just a means of transport. Our focus is not just on vehicles of days gone by, but also on contemporary ones, for heritage is something that any generation, including the present one, can create.

We are not interested solely in specific legendary cars, we want to preserve interesting vehicles across the decades to come, so that they may continue bringing joy not only to us but also to the generations to come. The criterion is therefore not their value and age, but their quality, uniqueness, and genuineness – these attributes define everything that may be preserved as heritage for future generations, everything that constitutes our project.

The Heritage Motors project is built on four main pillars – four services that we offer:

It would be a great honor if you choose us to guide you on your adventurous path of fulfilling your car-enthusiast dreams. We know too well how demanding this may be and will be very happy to provide you with our assistance.

The Heritage Motors Team