The White Collection – pure Porsche essence

David Hlaváček
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At the end of last year, the news of a unique collection of Porsche cars in a secret location in the United States entered the motoring world. Over sixty cars from varioius years have, in addition to the bonnet sign, one more denominator – the white body color.

While the owner remains unknown, his choice is a testament to absolute consistency and good taste. The vast collection is represented by the vast majority of the award-winning models ranging from 1958 to 2018, starting with the classic 356 A Speedster 1600 Super and ending with the latest generation of the circuit-oriented 911 GT2 RS. The sixty-year period is represented by the interesting versions of the 356, 911, 914, 944, and 968 models crowned by the 959, Carrera GT and 918 Spyder. Just as surprising as the absence of the 928 isthe white bonnet of the Diesel Junior 108 S.

In addition to the unique and customised specifications of the individual cars described in the tables in the unified design, the extraordinarily rich archive also attracts attention. It includes an infinite number of original promotional materials, board manuals, service manuals and related publications, which are increasing in demand from professionals around the world. The unusual point is a long line of bicycles designed and manufactured by Porsche.

The visiting regime is just as special as the entire collection. If someone receives an invitation from a mysterious collector, they can only enter the white-painted area with white flooring and equipment with their shoes covered or must take their shoes off. Their mobile phone or camera must then be placed in a special basket, the color of which, of course, respects the chosen concept. The White Collection is a pure Porsche essence.

And what color do you like?